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“Ade, its past 4 already, are you not going home?”

I looked up at the clock, it was 4:10pm and Pascal was standing at the door. Give me 5 minutes to pack up & I’ll meet you at the car park, I said. I picked up the proposal on my table, packed my bag & left the office. I was running late and I needed to beat the usual Lagos evening traffic in order to get home before dark.

“Just look at what you have done”, I yelled through my window as I opened the car door. Pascal was already holding the bus conductor by the waist as I got down. “What driving school did you go to? Who taught you how to drive? What is the use of your side mirror?” I yelled at the driver as he got down. I looked at my car’s side mirror, the glass was shattered all over the road, the neck was hanging only by the wire & I knew it really was bad. After about 30 minutes of back & forth argument & apology, I decided I have had enough & called on Pascal to let us leave. The driver thanked me as I drove off.

I dropped Pascal off at his house as I drove home. I looked at the time, it was 7:10pm already and I was exhausted. I parked the car in front of my flat, opened the back door & took out my bag. I heard my neighbour’s wife say ‘Welcome Sir’, I waved at her to acknowledge her greeting & made my way through the door. I opened the main door & stepped into the living room. “Honey, I’m back!”

Few seconds later, I repeated “Honey, I’m back!” There was no answer once again. That was unusual of Bimpe, as she always met me at the door every day for the 5 years we’ve been married. At that moment, the smell of something burning hit my nostrils. I moved swiftly into the kitchen & turned off the gas cooker. Two third of the jollof rice was burnt beyond recognition. I knew something was wrong.

“Bimpe! Bimpe!! Bimpe!!!” Still, I got no response.

I made my way up the stairs as quickly as I could. I slipped at one point, fell face flat over the stairs & knew I broke a finger in the process. I picked myself up in an instant second, got to the entrance of the master bedroom & met it open. “Bimpe! Bimpe!! Bimpe!!!” No response.

I stepped inside the room, looked around, saw her clothes & phone on the bed. My heart was beating like it never has. I had sweat dripping all over my body, blood dripping from my bruised knee & my broken finger hurting like hell. I heard the sound of water running from the bathroom & ran towards it. I opened the door & was staring right into Bimpe’s eyes.

“Ah! Bimpe!” I exclaimed.

I entered inside the bathroom & there she was; sitting on the WC with her face buried in her hands as she cried.

I immediately felt so much rage & anger boiling inside me. I took a step forward to console her when I saw the pregnancy test kit lying on the floor.

She didn’t need to say it; it was NEGATIVE for the 11th time in our 5 year marriage.

I fell to the ground and wept.


Falaja Oluwadamilola

Pen Name: MystiqueWrites

I am a writer who dips his readers in his simple, relatable yet ravelling fictional world as I take them on a ride in my world. Welcome to my world!

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Adedoyin February 2, 2018 at 4:50 PM


Adenike Shonowo February 2, 2018 at 5:17 PM

Awesome! You got me captivated and mesmerized all through. Kudos to you. More ink to your pen, and more power to your elbow.

Olatunbosun Adeyemi February 2, 2018 at 5:32 PM

Weldone my writter, more ink to your pen.

Can’t wait to see smile on Bimbe’s face.

Adeola February 4, 2018 at 1:57 PM

Bimpe 🤗🤗

Adeola February 4, 2018 at 1:59 PM

Is there part 2, to this story?

MystiqueWrites February 5, 2018 at 7:18 AM

Well, a part two wasn’t planned before. But let’s hope we can be inspired to put a part 2 out 😀😀


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