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Sweet Poison

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Take my hand & lead me into the night
Take my heart as we take flight
I believe every word from your lying lips
I offer myself to your dying kiss
Ivy, what say ye?
Shall we make men wish they were me
When you take me to death’s door with your lips?
I crave, I beg, I grovel
Let your tongue be the shovel
To my dark crypt
Give me everlasting peace
Your love is my poison
Your soulless eyes, my prison
Make my heartbeat,
To the tempo of my dirge
Take my love & give me your venom
Feed my delusion as milk from your bosom
I surrender to thee
O goddess of deceit, queen of all things faux
Make my reality, my reverie
And let me take my last breath in the arms of my beloved
As his tongue entwines mine in a final dance
I’ll rather my heart dies in lust
Than it beats in a hollow gulf

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