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Momma’s Pride

Daniel went to sleep after he was gently patted by his younger sister Lola to join them in having supper which was unusual in most cases. Things has been very difficult for Daniel and his family(Mrs Eunice and Lola) since his father passed away. Feeding was a problem however, sustaining whatever they had was a bigger problem, due to his mother’s ill health.
“You need to feed your mother well” the doctor said.
“Okay doctor” Daniel replied with a glum gesture.
“Is everything alright?” the doctor further asked.
“Of course doctor, everything is fine” Daniel replied.
“She needs to feed well because the drugs I gave to you are reactive, if she does not feed well ,there could be side effects” the doctor said, giving a clearer explanation.
“We seldom eat twice a day and the doctor is giving analysis on how well I need to feed my mother?” Daniel in soliloquy.
“Did you say something?” the doctor asked?
“Not at all doctor, thank you” he answered.
After the discharge from the Hospital, Daniel and Lola took their mother home. He was exhausted and decided to nap while Lola kept watch of her mother as they had a conversation.
“My daughter” she said feebly
“Yes mother” Lola replied feeling excited about her mother’s improvement.
“I lost your father who was a loving husband to me, he loved you and your brother so dearly. All he wanted for the both of you was to offer you two the best before death-who does not take permission-took his life” tears rolling down her cheeks.
“Mother, remember what the doctor said about your health please, you don’t need to cry” Lola consoling her mother.
“Do you know the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me?” She asked
“No mother”, Lola replied.
“I’m proud I have you and Daniel as my children, and I promise to give you two the very best of me” she said.
“I love you mother” Lola said, hugging her mother.
Knock knock!!!! Is anyone home? It was their neighbour Mrs Patricia. She has been a kind friend to Daniel’s mother. She could be annoying sometimes because of her loquacious nature but very funny.
“Who is it?” Lola asked as she walked towards the door knowing it was Mrs Patricia.
“It is wura” she replied jesting with Lola.
“I knew it was you, good evening ma” Lola smiled welcoming her into the house.
“Patricia my good friend, how are you?” Daniel’s mum interrupted stretching her hands for a hug.
“Am fine dear, hope you’re feeling better now?” She asked hugging her.
“Of course, welcome” she replied.
After a long period of gist and laughter, Mrs Patricia brought out the goodies she was offered in her company. It was two bags of rice(20kg), three tubers of yam and 5litres of palm oil.
“My friend, I want you to manage this few foodstuffs I brought” she said.
“Thank you Patricia, I am really grateful for all you have been helping me with, God bless you” Daniel’s mum replied joyfully.
“I love you Mrs Patricia,muahhh!” Lola cut in blowing her a kiss.
“Naughty girl” Mrs Patricia said as she chuckles.
“I almost forgot, where is Daniel ?” Mrs Patricia asked.
“He is asleep, he got exhausted” his mother replied .
“Okay, Lola I would take my leave now, prepare something for your mum and Daniel, make sure you all eat something this evening.
” I would Mrs Patricia, thank you “
Mrs Patricia left and Lola went into the kitchen to prepare food. As soon as she finished preparing food she informed Daniel and served them. Thereafter, their mother called them for a prayer session before they finally went to bed.
Daniel had earlier spent the whole of his evening sleeping, he possibly could not sleep at night. His eyes were closed but his mind wandered. Daniel is an O’ level student who graduated with distinction in his science subjects. In fact, during his school days he was popularly called “brilliant champ” because of his extraordinary abilities. He was not mediocre in other areas, as socially he was awesome,he aspired to be a model when he gets to the university,he was also called “baba for the girls” , his physique influenced that name.
“I’m 16 years old,I have lost my father,my dreams are looking shattered, where exactly do I start from?” He said (in soliloquy). Thinking of all these made him perplexed…
He stopped talking for a moment,and continued with a glimmer of hope and a feeling of strong determination.
“I will not give up on my dream,I will succeed no matter what it takes, I would get into the university this year” he told himself as he finally fell asleep.
Three days later Daniel went to inquire about the U.T.M.E(Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination).
“Hello Jibola,do you have an idea of the UTME form?” He asked curiously
” I obtained mine just three days ago which was a late form, I was also told the registration would end in four days time” he replied.
“That is too soon” Daniel replied surprisingly .
“Soon? The form has been out since ending of last year” Jibola added.
“So how much is it?” He asked
“I got mine for ₦7000” he replied.
“Okay, thanks for the information” Daniel replied as he shook Jibola’s hand and departed.
Daniel walked back home in thoughts knowing his mother could not afford that amount of money(₦7000). Moreover, Mrs Patricia who would have been helpful was transferred for a business consultation. Daniel felt bad about the situation.
“My son, what is the problem? You look sad?” His mother asked.
“Mother, everything is fine ” he replied, faking a smile.
“Do not tell me lies, I’m your mother” she said.
“You look beautiful today, I’m so glad you’re better now” Daniel added trying to change the topic. His mother chuckled.”Thank you, now tell me, what is wrong with you?” She asked again.
“I went to inquire about the UTME form, the cost is much and we can’t afford it, that is why I am sad” he said ,with a cloudy look.
“How much is it?” His mother asked.
“₦7000” he responded.
“I have ₦5000, Patricia gave it to me before she left, but you need it more, have it” she said as she stretches the money to Daniel.
“Thank you mother, I will make you proud” he replied happily.
Daniel had gotten part of the money from his mother, he needed ₦2000 to balance the money so that he could register for UTME. It was three days before the closure of the form sale. He worked vehemently, just to make sure he gets the complete balance, there were times he had to join the bricklayers beside his house to work.
It is a day to the closure of jamb form when Daniel gets the full balance(₦7000) and registered.
Daniel hummed and danced as he walked into their compound.
“Have you won a lottery this time?” Lola asked jokingly .
“This is more than a lottery for me, I finally registered for UTME” he responded excitingly.
“Thank GOD, when is the examination?” she asked.
“In two weeks time” he replied as they walked into the living room.
Now a week to Daniel’s examination, he had been studying endlessly, despite the fact that he had not eaten for two days. The money Mrs Patricia gave to his mother for feeding had been spent on his UTME registration.
“I just have to keep reading, this money will not be a waste. I promised to make my mother proud” he said to himself concentrating on his books.
Finally, it was the examination day, Daniel felt really tired, his eyes were swollen and blurry due to sleepless nights. He was looking lean, reading that rigorously without eating caused imbalances in his system.
Lola went with him to the examination centre. The students in the centre were ushered into the examination hall. Daniel arrives and joins the queue while Lola waited outside. About two hours later Daniel returned.
“How was your examination? Lola asked.
“It was awesome sis” he replied joyfully.
When they arrived home,their mother was very happy with them.
“Welcome my children” she said hugging both of them.
“How was your exam?” She asked.
“It was okay mum,bI was told we would get our result in less that 24hours , remember I registered my contact with your number” he replied.
It was 9:00pm, Daniel was asleep, his week had been a hectic experience. Lola was in the sitting room watching her favourite TV show (Jennifer’s diary). The phone vibrated,it was a message,vLola felt reluctant to check because she felt it was the usual message from MTN. Suddenly, there was power outtage, then she decided to check the message.
“Daniel !!! 320!!!!!” She shouted.
Daniel jumped off his bed hearing Lola’s voice.
“What is it Lola? She asked nervously.
“It is your jamb score !!!! You have an exceptional result” she added .
“320!!!!” Daniel screamed,holding Lola’s hands.
His mother came into the sitting room, hearing the good news got her excited and she was proud of Daniel.
“My son, this is just the beginning, do not relent” she smiled.

Author’s Bio
My name is Gift Achuenu Daniel aka Sparkle…
Writing for me is exploring the words the mind can’t express…

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MystiqueWrites March 12, 2018 at 9:30 AM

Very nice read. Let’s hope four years from now when Daniel is done with university education you can tell us how he did 😂😂😂😂

Ayotoni March 12, 2018 at 10:14 AM

Lovely 👏👏👏

Precious Bank-Ayodeji March 12, 2018 at 10:42 AM

wow! this is awesome ooo… weldone👍👍👍👍👍

Mo Dupe March 12, 2018 at 6:32 PM

Please where is the concluding part?? Never keep believing in yourself.

Mo Dupe March 12, 2018 at 6:34 PM

Never stop Believing in yourself***

Taiwo December 3, 2018 at 9:06 PM

Good story. But I feel it should have a concluding part.

Thane Andrews December 3, 2018 at 9:27 PM

Hello Taiwo. Thank you for your comment. We will push this suggestion to the author as we have only given him a platform to publish. He is new in writing and appreciates the support. Keep reading stories on tales ‘n’ trends. We’ll love to hear what you think about our other stories.


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