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Love In A Hopeless Place

I & my monsters are one
I loved them one dark, lonely night
And we never left each other’s side
I know them by name
They touched me & I never felt the same
I & my monsters are joined
At the mind where reason goes to die
Haunted dreams and soulless eyes
My happy place & lover’s lair
They say; ‘conquer your demons’
But I kissed them & made them mine
I & monsters are gone
They took me by the mind
And led me to my promised land
Where my shadow of despair became the cloud that brought me the rain of sadness
I bathe in it as they gaze upon me with lusting in their eyes
Hungry for a peek of happiness
Aroused by my utter desolation
We made love to the sound of my silent screams
We kissed under a moonlight of blood red tears
I & my monsters have become
I am therefore they are

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