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The Jagaban

50! 51! 52!!! I said out loud with a cheeky smile. I looked back & asked, “Now who’s your Daddy?”

Oya baba for the girls!!! Tunde Sharpener!!! Irumole (deity)!!! Amongst a couple of other names I couldn’t make out erupted from the group of 4 boys behind me. They were my trusted generals & we had this body count competition whenever one of us was expecting a female visitor.

My phone rang & I told the boys to keep quiet as I picked the call. “Hey Sugar, still at home?” asked the voice at the other end. “Yes love!” I replied, “just tell the bike man to drop you at Champion lodge then come up to my room.” She laughed & dropped the call.

“Boys, Bimbo dey come now ooo! Another match don set so! Make I sharply arrange room”. In orderly fashion, the boys stepped out while calling me names yet again.

I smiled to myself & said “Emi Okunrin Mesan! Jagaban fun ra e! Their Fada!!!”

Twenty minutes later, I heard a gentle knock on my door. I stood up to look round the room just to know if it was set for another match; Ric Hassani’s ‘The African Gentleman’ album was playing on my laptop, the standing fan was well positioned facing the bed directly, two packs of Gold Circle was placed behind the bed & my usual brown patterned bed sheet was spread on bed. I knew I was set and moved to open the door.

OMG!!! Bimbo smelled as good as ever, her boobs were sitting well in her spaghetti top and her mini skirt revealed her heavenly thighs. With a big smile on my face, I hugged her tightly as she stepped inside the room. I swear I heard her n*pples say boo as they touched mine while we hugged. The signs were certainly evident, it was definitely going down.

“Please sit down!” I said to her. “What should I offer you? I could buy you juice downstairs or would you prefer I make noodles for you?”

I moved towards my wardrobe to pick my wallet when I heard her say “Tunde, you know that’s not why I’m here jor”. I leered at her as I moved to lock the door.

“Baby, I’m not sure you are readddd…”

Damn! She threw her pant at my face to cut me short.


“That felt quite great” I managed to whisper into her ears. I rolled over with the last ounce of strength I had & kept panting for few minutes after.

“Babe, I’m hungry!” She said after half an hour or thereabout.

I managed to stand up & took my wallet while wearing my clothes. “Fried or jollof rice? Chicken or turkey? Fanta or coke?” I asked in quick succession.

“Fried rice, chicken & fanta please”, she responded.

I was almost out of the door when she asked in a low voice, “can I sleep here tonight”.

“Of course you can, but you know you ain’t exactly going to be sleeping”, I responded.

She smiled & nodded her head.

I stopped by the boy’s room as I got downstairs. “Ogbeni how far?” I said as I walked into the room. “You know if that Agbo woman for gate side go still dey there? I go need power up”.

“Sure, she go still dey”, responded Tola. The other boys turned around & asked uniformly, “Baba what’s the score? You no go update us again? You Don kill am bah?”

“Una blood too dey hot jawe! I wan first go buy food, hunger dey wire us die”, I laughed & told them to concentrate on their game of FIFA as I walked out of Tola’s room.

“Babe, I’m back” I said as I walked in. “Let me dish the meal in the kitchen”, I added.

“Tunde, do you know that Mama D woman that owns the big boutique not too far from school gate?” She asked.

“Yes nau”, I said as I entered the kitchen & closed the door behind me.

How can I forget Mama D? I smiled to myself.

Mama D that made me miss Prof. Shinbola’s almighty semester test.


How can I forget her giving me extra 50k asides the 100k we had agree on? She even gave me a very fine 10 yards white material to sew Agbada with as extra tip. It was just a fortnight ago & it felt like years already.

She promised to call me again in about a month for a rematch sef.

I smiled at the thought of having another 150k plus in a short time as I carried the food to meet Bimbo in the room.

“Baby, come & eat the rice before it gets cold”, I said to her.

“Thanks boo”, she responded.

“Wonders shall never end ooo! Just imagine this woman being a ritualist! Wicked woman!” She said out loud.

“Who?” I asked her

“It’s Mama D oooo. Police saved her from being lynched today oooo. Students were ready to burn her! Come & see the video nau”, she beckoned on me.

“Haba! It can’t be her! Mama D a ritualist? Not possible!” I kept on murmuring to myself. With trembling hands, I collected the phone from Bimbo. And there she was, it was truly Mama D.

It can’t be true! How’s it possible? I asked myself

Just then, she spoke “Baba said I should be renewing my wealth & youth every 10 years. I wasn’t to get married and I only had to sleep with 2 young boys within the space of one month. The boys I sleep with usually die after the 14th day she added”


The End!!!


Falaja Oluwadamilola

Pen Name: MystiqueWrites

I am a writer who dips his readers in his simple, relatable yet ravelling fictional world as I take them on a ride in my world. Welcome to my world

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Adenike Shonowo February 18, 2018 at 8:32 PM

Remarkable as usual. High Five.

Thank God this is not the uncensored post. #RollsMyEyes. Lol

MystiqueWrites February 19, 2018 at 6:59 PM

I’m glad we were able to keep your faith intact.

Leka February 18, 2018 at 11:31 PM

Story’s simple yet authentic, just as real as it is moral. liikkee it.

MystiqueWrites February 19, 2018 at 6:59 PM

Thanks Leka. Feedback appreciated as always.

Temitayo Sokeye February 19, 2018 at 6:33 AM

Nice one bro!

MystiqueWrites February 19, 2018 at 7:00 PM

Thanks Bro. Feedback appreciated as always.


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