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Diary of a Yoruba Corper: Night Journey (Part 2)

Diary of a Yoruba Corper

“Bros, abeg we fit see food order?” I asked the receptionist

“Errrmmm, no sir. Kitchen people don close already” He replied as he dropped the phone.

“We have to sleep like that ooo, day go kuku soon break” I turned and told Ada.

“I thought as much. Make I go baff abeg, body dey scratch me” she said as she walked towards the bathroom.

I checked my phone & as expected, I had several missed calls. I spent the next few minutes returning some of the calls.

“Oga close your eyes ooo, I’m not exactly comfortable changing my clothes in your presence” Ada said as she entered the room.

“Yes ma. As your lordship pleases” I replied laughing.

I stepped into the bathroom to take my bath also.

“Hey, you sleeping already?” I asked as I got back to the room.

“Not really” she replied

“Please switch off the AC, its cold enough already” she added.

“Why? You’re the type that gets cold easily?” I asked.

She nodded.

“Well, it’s your lucky day. If you lie close enough to me, you won’t feel the cold at all. After all, we would be under the duvet” I said with tongue in cheek.

“You’re not serious” she giggled.

“Well, it’s your lucky day too. Come quick, I’m really cold” she added.

I smirked.

“Is this close enough?” she asked as she placed her head on my chest.

I could feel the warmth of her thigh against my thigh. Her bosom rested against my arm and I must say it was firmer than I thought.

Her breath caressed my cheeks.

I placed my hand behind her & gently moved her closer.

“Now, that’s close enough” I replied.

Gwam ihe di gin a obi nwoke yoruba” she said

“Hmmmm! You know I don’t speak Igbo right?” I tickled her.

“I leave you to figure it out” she said laughing.

I stared at her lips for so long I could tell it was going to be succulent. My eyes shifted to her bosom and I must admit it was well-cupped. The cold was really getting to her as she had goose bumps on her arms and her nipples hardened against my arm.

She was fast asleep & slept like a baby. I kept thinking of all the things I could do to her but for each one I thought of, I equally thought of how she would frown at the idea.

Like I mean, I just met her not even up to 24 hours ago. Why would she want us to get down? I didn’t want her to think I was just being nice to her because I wanted sex. I got lost in my thought.

“Dare! Dare!! What time would you be leaving for camp?” She asked as she woke me up.

“Around 8am I guess” I responded half awake.

I looked at my wristwatch and it was 5:30am.

“That’s good then. Because I don’t want to leave here too early” she said.

“Why?” I asked

“They will start thinking I’m a prostitute or something” she responded in a low voice.

I laughed.

“By the way, thanks for keeping me warm all night. Been long I’ve had a human pillow” she said as she attempted to stand up.

“Really? Why if I may ask?” I held her arm & asked.

She sat back & said “Why do you want to know?”

“Well, I’m thinking if it’s been so long you had a human pillow, then when was the last time you were kissed or even had sex?” I replied.

She stared at me for a while.

“C’mon, it’s just a friendly question” I said as I placed my arm on her shoulder.

“Dare! I like you. For some weird reason, your smile melts my heart & I do find your lips attractive” she replied as she looked into my eyes.

I was dazed.

“and to answer your question, I hope the last time I had sex or was kissed would be in the next one hour or thereabout” she added as she walked into the bathroom.

I stood up and walked around the room trying to figure out what she meant by the next one hour.

Is she saying she wants to have sex with me? Is she just teasing me?

“If this is how Ibo girls are, I’ll die here oooo” I said to myself.

She came out of the bathroom, walked towards me & we kissed.

{Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m sure you know what transpired in the next few scenes}

“I hope you won’t forget me?” she asked as I stopped a cab.

“No Ada, I won’t forget you. And it’s more than just the sex” I replied.

“Now, come to Daddy” I added as I spread my arms open.

“I miss you already” she whispered as she drew my lips with her lips.

“I miss you too”





Pen Name: MystiqueWrites

I am a writer who deeps his readers in his simple, relatable yet ravelling fictional world as I take them on a ride in my world. Welcome to my world!


You can read the part 1 here:


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Ayaya April 19, 2018 at 10:28 AM

Dammmmmmy… Your momma must hear this ooooo. Lol. Good and creative writing I must commend.

Falaja Oluwadamilola April 29, 2018 at 11:19 AM

Thanks Mommy. I’m following in your footstep.


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