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…a woman can do better

Several politicians have campaigned on the promise of a better Nigeria. All have failed. As the old keep comparing the past with the present, it seems the country keeps taking giant strides backwards! The power supply has become worse even when billions are invested in the project yearly, the rate of poverty has heightened, and several companies, even those owned by Nigerians have moved their headquarters to neighbouring countries. It just seems we cannot get the running of a nation right. There are some group of people that think Nigeria is ready to have more female involvement in politics, saying women are more compassionate and would be better touched by the suffering of the masses. Like the saying of old, they feel what a man can do, a woman can do better. I cross my legs with a smirk on my face and ask, really? I hope I am not using the sins of Judas to judge every apostle as being the same, but then, I think we have seen the extent of power women have wielded in the political scene. There was the first female speaker, Patricia Etteh who was involved in a scandal of over 600 million Naira for home renovation. Nigeria is roughly over 190 million people, that’s enough money to give each Nigerian a million Naira! The best she did was to step down as speaker, but a member of the house she continued to be. I will also not forget another woman, a certain former minister of aviation, Stella Oduah who bought bulletproof cars for 160 million Naira. The whole nation was angry, again, another sum so huge that it could reach every Nigerian if shared equally, but the matter was quickly swept away and news reaching me states that she is now a member of the Senate! That woman remained a politician and an active public office holder. Then of course, there is the story of my personal favourite, the former minister of finance, Okonjo Iweala. A woman saddled with the finances of the whole country. It came as a shock when she requested to be paid in dollars. And thankfully, the court of appeal in 2007 stopped the madness and asked for a refund of all excess salaries paid. I went crazy with the news, I didn’t get it, if you are paid in dollars, why would you want to strengthen the Naira, as a falling Naira means a stronger Dollar? Doesn’t it show she had no business in helping the nation? There is the very recent story of the former minister of petroleum, Diezani Alison-Madueke, who even though had been previously indicted by the house of representatives over irregularities with the subsidy money, remained minister and after leaving office has been rumoured to be arrested in the UK. The total sum she is said to have embezzled is jaw-dropping and until confirmed, would rather be left out of this write up. What a man can do, a woman can do better. What the late Alamaseiya and Bode George could do, these women could certainly do better and remain untouched perhaps. However, I would not forget the hero of our time. A woman who fought the fine fight till her death. Prof Dora Akunyuli, a woman who showed that there are still some, truly interested in the development of this country. After the trip back to memory lane of all the ills the women given a chance to hold powerful positions have done, can we now conclude not to give another woman a chance? Men have been corrupt before, and they still are, but men still keep coming back, so would it be a gender issue if we judge all women based on the brazen acts of these few?

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Tim wilson February 18, 2018 at 2:43 PM

It’s not a matter of gender. Its a matter of sanitizing the system and then with that done, we can elect whom ever we want.


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