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Hello Tale Trenders.

It has been an awesome journey since 2018. We launched Tales ‘n’ Trends in 2018, with our first post going up on the 23rd of January.  We have had an exciting number of contributors with thrilling stories and poetry. We have had readers from over 40 countries, and impressions numbering thousands.

Our mission was simply to connect writers to a platform, a platform they can reference in the search of new opportunities, or a platform they can get discovered on. We can say we have achieved that, but by August 2018, we went back to the strategy board to see if we can do more.

After discussions with our internationally renowned developer IzzyCartHQ (Their portfolio is longer than from here to Japan, with clients as important as Alveda Kings) we have moved our boundaries, and enlarged our coasts. For the New Year 2019, we are rolling out new features. Some will largely affect you as readers, others will affect us as writers, but you can be sure our promise of a pleasant experience has not faltered.



We have rolled out membership features for Tales ‘n’ Trends. Every reader is required to be a member to access the ‘adult reading’ category. This is to make sure you confirm that you are old enough to view content in that category.

Members can now opt to receive post alerts and promotional emails. During giveaways, only members are considered, and periodically we will feature active members and their stories in our editorial picks.

Our membership feature allows all members to post new stories directly on our website. Posted stories will pass through an approval period before it goes live on the website. Only verified authors would have their stories posted directly.


Since our platform encourages everyone to be a writer, we had to find a way to distinguish between good writers and upcoming writers. Our verification mark would be given to consistent writers with a good command of grammar, interesting and frequent stories, and those who have commanded engagement on their stories. For a link to our full criteria for verification, visit the Get Verified page. The verified mark would be visible all around the website.


Members are notified of new approved posts on our website and non-members can also subscribe to receive alerts on new posts.


Tales ‘n’ Trends has now been monetized. The site would remain free for readers and writers forever, but we have taken steps to have it generate money. Across the website, users would be introduced to ads. The revenue acquired from the ads is to offset the cost of maintenance of the platform. Excess funds would be shared between writers on the website depending on the total number of impressions their posts have gained. To ensure that we make money from your views, kindly add our website to your adblock whitelist.  Authors can request account statements to see how much the website has generated by sending an email to our management office at dick@crea8hub.com. Only members with a valid claim (that is members with at least over 1000 impressions) would be sent this report.

This website even though has been launched today, would still remain in the user testing stage till January 1 2019. If you find any bugs if it isn’t too much to ask, please tell us about it.

In all we wish you happy holidays and welcome you to the new Tales ‘n’ Trends.

Your Partner in Story telling
Thane Andrews

For enquiries on monetization and accounts, send an Email to our account manager Dick Ransome on dick@crea8hub.com

For enquiries on membership, posting issues, or bugs, send an email to the administrator, Thane Andrews on thanedee@talesntrends.com

For other general enquiries, please contact our relationship and partnership manager, Josie Thembi on josie@talesntrends.com

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