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Untitled; The Story.

Matilda had been in love with fashion from the very beginning. She had gone to college in West Virginia were she had realized that kids outgrew their clothes (thanks to puberty), and parents could look to her to make something that would be pleasing to the teenagers who needed to be trendy when amongst peers; something cool and decent.

She was doing what nobody else seemed to feel was profitable. Even though teenagers didn’t have the purchasing power, she solved the “what to buy” problem for parents that actually did. She was really taking a liking to this love from youth.

Several years later, a parent asked what her design name was, as she had really loved the design for her daughter’s prom dress. Matilda smiled. She had told her friend the name that inspired her…

She was practically born in fashion, raised by her grandmother who loved knitting by the fireplace. Though her grandmother was old, she loved mixing colors and slowly Matilda learned which colors were right to put together and which were “sins”.

Just two buildings from where she lived was an old multipurpose building known for its runway shows. She had played in the building several times so she knew her way in. Matilda would go back stage and stare at the models. She was a little girl then so making friends was easy.

Gradually they began to notice her and she would help out the designers after school, adding little adjustments when needed, and grandma was pleased that she was doing something productive. But as her reputation grew amongst the designers as free help, so did her talents, but there was one question that she kept asking…

There was miss Daisy the tall blonde model, there was Josh the muscular model; they were her friends. But she noticed there were no teens. How come noone designed anything for teens?

Matilda had learnt great designs all start on a sketch pad, so draw she did.

A development company bought over the multipurpose building, and soon the runway was torn apart to give way to an office building. Matilda went away to college and her dreams remained on just sketch pages.

After 3 years and 4 months of giving fashion advice to roommates in the dorm her dream came alive one day at the mall.

A teenager wanted a red dress, her mother disagreed as the dress would look too mature for her. It wasn’t the sorts a teenager should wear, and this teen was pretty worked up. “There, there, that’s what I mean”, Matilda exclaimed in her mind.

She went home and told her friend she was going to start a new clothing line. It was a clothing line for an ignored group. It would represent something, undefined, unbounded, limitless. “what will be it’s name?” her friend asked, “stitches for teens?”, “No”, she smiled, I call it, “untitled”.

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