Tales 'n' Trends

The Shift


It was on the road to despair
That you saw me
Picking up the pieces of my heart
Overflowing with lust and some to spare
I walked the plank of fear
I danced the dance of the condemned
Walk with me, dark one
Let us bathe in the dark glow of the eclipse
The shadow my sorrows cast
Under the rain my tears made
Let us dance
Nine lives had we
Nine hells we walked through
Each burning with more vengeance than the last
It is I who called you out of your lair
This time, I’m the devourer
And you are my prey
Walk with me, stealer of dreams
As I lead you down to your very own snare

Two hearts that beat as one
Two minds, their madness begun
Two eyes that beheld it all
Two lips that spoke a lie
The hunted and the hunter become one
Finding and seeking all at once
Each one, teach one
Each death takes two
Cries of triumph and defeat ring together
To form a sweet cacophony that rips the earth
Come forth, you bound beast
Ride free and conquer all
Show your face to the world
Watch them cower and beg
He who was afraid
Now has become the terror
He who was ashamed
Now has become superior
Two feet dance to the cries of the fallen
Two minds twist in a reverie of aberration


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