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The Last Party

Bloody Heart

She slowly opened her eyes.

Her head ached as she tried to move it. She noticed her hands were cuffed, her mouth was gagged and legs parted.

How did she get here? She thought to herself.






Hey Big head, I hope you’re ready?” Tony asked her.

Sorry, ready for what?” she responded as she got up from the bed.

Suzie, don’t tell me you have been sleeping again and have forgotten about the party we are to attend?” he exclaimed.

Oh! I’m really sorry. Give me thirty minutes & I would be ready” She said as she dropped the phone & raced into the bathroom.


Tony was her best friend and she had promised to accompany him to a party even though she wasn’t in the mood for a party.

Hey, look alive Suzie” Tony said as he slightly nudged her with his shoulder. She pouted & grumbly replied.

She wasn’t enjoying the party she was dragged to by her best friend. She also wasn’t in the mood to smoke, drink or dance.

I want to go home” she whined to herself. She would have preferred lying on her bed reading the new novel she got on her way back from work yesterday.

C’mon, we just got here” Tony said and moved towards the bar to get another bottle of Andre.

The music suddenly became so loud & unbearable.

She exited the building. She stood on the front stairs and inhaled fresh air. She sat on the stairs wishing she didn’t succumb to his demand. She was deep in thoughts when the door opened.

Sorry, I didn’t know anyone was here” A guy said, apologizing awkwardly.

It’s alright” Suzie said as she brought out her phone to check her notifications.

He sat just beside her on the stairs. As they sat in silence, she checked him out using her side eye. His hair was afro which looked nice & black. He had a clear dark skin. His nose was a little bit crooked but his lips looked tasty.

Not enjoying the party I see” He said.

It’s alright. I would just rather be on my bed right now” she responded.

He smiled at her. She smiled back while adoring how white, nice & perfect his teeth looked.

You stay close by?” he asked.

No, I stay on the mainland with my friend”.

Is she here?

No, she isn’t”.

So you’re here alone?

No, I’m not. I’m here with my best friend”.

I guess she is enjoying the party

Yes, He is” Suzie said while correcting him.

He nodded.

He looked at her, he could tell she was checking him out but he acted oblivious.

I’m Dan by the way” he said.

“I’m Suzie” she replied as she stretched out her hand and he took it in his palm. Her skin was really soft, he thought to himself.

He watched as she blushed. Such beauty, he mused.

How about we drink to our new friendship?” he said teasingly.

Well, I didn’t plan to drink earlier but you just changed my mind” she said as she giggled.

I’ll be right back” he said as he raced back into the building.

Still sitting on the stairs, she was thankfully the night wasn’t exactly bad. Talking to a really handsome guy was of course better than lying in bed reading a stupid novel

Dan came back with two cups of vodka & handed a cup to her.

I don’t plan to drink much” Suzie said.

A little won’t hurt, besides I added coke to the drink to make it less strong” he said.

She nodded & took the cup from him.

They drank in silence.

I couldn’t help but notice you had cuffs in your bag. You’re an Officer or something?” Dan said few minutes later.

No, I’m not” she replied shyly.

So you’re the submissive or the dominant person?” he asked giggling.

Well, I’m the submissive type. How do you know about this?” she asked looking at him.

Let’s just say I like my women submissive” he replied slightly brushing his fingers against her hands.

They both laughed.

So what do you really do?” Dan asked few minutes later.

I am a bankerrrr” Suzie replied slurring on her words.

She was feeling weak and her body was feeling limp.

Soon, she was asleep.






Dan smiled as he disposed the plastic cups and carried her petite body over his shoulder. He placed her in the passenger seat of his car, got into the driver seat & drove off.






Suzie woke up with a migraine. She was unsettled for few seconds as she looked at her surroundings. Then realization hit her consciousness. She tried to move then realized she was cuffed & gagged. She looked down on herself, she was naked. She tried to scream but the gag subdued her sounds.

I see you’re finally awake” Dan said as he walked towards her.

Suzie struggled against her restraints. Dan climbed the bed and hovered over her naked body. Her eyes were filled with tears about to pull down.

Aw don’t cry. I’m not going to rape you” Dan said.

He touched her face & wiped her tears as they broke free with his palm. He undid her gag restraint & blindfolded her eyes instead.

Suzie lay down, scared and ‘blind’. Just then, she felt something cold against her body.

I see you want to play this rough” she said panicking.

He took off her blindfold and raised his hand; there was a knife in it.

What are you going to do with that?” Suzie asked, her voice quivering.

Kill you” Sam replied, smiling maniacally.

Please, don’t kill me” she begged.

Just then, he sliced her inner thigh, opened a vein and watched as blood gushed out of the cut. Suzie screamed in pain.

Dan only laughed.

Ever seen a heart beat before?” he asked. Suzie cried as it dawned on her that her death was drawing near.

Dan came closer, held the knife and slowly sliced open her chest region where the heart.

Suzie screamed in pain as blood flowed down her body and her skin burned.

Dan peeled off the skin and her heart showed. It was pumping and beating.

That’s your heart” He told Suzie.

Suzie watched in terror as he held her open heart.

I love to watch how the heart stops beating when a person dies”, he said.

No please” Suzie muttered.

Dan grabbed her neck and slit her throat slowly.

She choked and spurted out blood from her mouth, and then she lay still.

Dan watched her heart slowly beat, as life went out of her, then it stilled.

Now that was quite the show” He said, clapping his blood stained hands loudly. He lay down beside Suzie’s lifeless body, kissed her forehead and fell asleep.



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