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September Skies


Floating away on the clouds of my existence
Catch the raindrops of my essence
Kiss the winds of my self loathing
Maybe I’ll be a real person again
Fleeting is the thought of my salvation
Painless is the process of my crucifixion
I’ll die for my sins before I let you hold me again
I’ll atone for my transgressions before I let your light destroy my darkness
Walking on the grave of my many shadows
Ghosts of present, past and future
All commune and cast lots on who would torment me next
I’ll resurrect my demons before I let a smile touch my lips
Basking in the blood red moon of my guilt
Dancing under the stars of my long forgotten hopes
Far away in the distance they glow
Memories of a time I wish to remember
Barging in on heaven’s door
Let me get drunk on the wine of my derision
Daydreaming on the bank of my river of faux serenity
There’s no calm before the storm
No thunder to herald the rain
That comes crashing in on my hiding place
Where my horror resides
Do I scare you, honey?
Do I make you cower in terror?
Love all of me or none
Demons, nightmares & horrors
We fell in love on a slow night
To the sound of my laughter & moans
Turned to roars as I tore down my facade
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Now who’s the scariest of them all?

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