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Screams in the shadow (Part 1)

It is a late Monday night in the city of Lagos where traffic is at a standstill. Kike takes an agitated glance at her watch, its well past midnight making it a total of 4 hours in traffic. Where she lives can get real dangerous at night and she, like every other Lagosian is tired of the city and its congestion but refuse to leave. The belief is there aren’t any better jobs elsewhere. It’s a little before 2am. She takes a glance at her watch again and curse the fact that she needs to wake and begin the cycle again by 5am. She keeps lamenting about the insufficient 3hrs sleep she is forced with. Finally, through real slow traffic, she gets close to home. She alights at her bustop and starts to descend the hill. She is grateful that she was descending and not climbing. Joking with herself that she might have set camp at the foot of it if she were to climb. She was too tired for all this she said aloud as she sighed. She arrives at an alley and faced with a decision. Would she run through this dangerous alley as her house is directly on the other side of it or walk around four blocks to be on the safe side? Something tells her to go around, gut feeling maybe, but she decides to run through. She scurries for a while and the strain of sitting still in a bus for hours and the general stress of the day come to pay their dues. She soon slows down till she is walking again. Empty tins rattle disturbing the peace of the night. She stops dead in her tracks
as her heart raced. She convinces her self it was just a cat and resumes walking. At this point she feels like she is being watched. She quickens her walk trying to reduce the noise her shoe hitting the road makes. Adrenaline pumping as she hears footsteps. She takes a quick look but the lack of power, as has been the custom, has made the night even darker. She sees nothing and no one in the still night. She walks some more, counting houses she needs to get past before she hits home. There it is again. The sound of footsteps. She turns and sees the silhouette of a man behind. She begins to walk faster and the man following quickens his pace. Walking breaks into running and she can see the light on the gazebos of her neighbour, 4 buildings away. If she gets into the rays of the light then she is home free. She’s tired and strained but keeps pushing till she can’t run anymore. She turns to look for her pursuer. He can’t be found. He probably turned back when she started running. Oh well. She takes a break. Hands on knees, she breathes heavily. No one really pays attention to fitness till their lives depend on it, she thought. Her thighs ache, her knees trembling. He is gone. She has rested enough and she swore never to come through this alley whenever the Lagos traffic kept her this late. In the middle of this thought, there is a sudden firm grip on her mouth, and an arm around her belly. She is being pulled into the shadows. She tries to scream but her scream only come as muffled tones. She struggles but she is no match for her assailant’s strength. Very quickly she is brought to the ground. Her assailant wrestles to subdue her. Her mind tries quickly to judge what ill fate has befallen her. Is this a robbery? Is he perhaps a member of the occult? The answers come quickly as he begins to wrestle with her clothes. It dawns on her what is about to happen. Here she is, on the dirty floor, about to lose her pride. She fights back, screaming and scratching but the firm hand on her mouth muffled her scream. She has heard several cases where the victim’s scream had saved her from an attack. She takes mad swipes at his face. He curses as she scratches him on the face, his blood quickly forms a thread line. He responds with heavy blows to her face. Now he was wishing he had more hands. He digs his fingers into the opening for the zip and shreds her skirt. Blood drips from her lips as she cries. The pain from the bruises are nothing to be compared to the pain of loosing her dignity. She had kept it for so long. She had turned the cutest of guys down. She had risked an extra year in the university after she denied her lecturer’s advances. She had survived peer pressure from her friends and had imagined the night she lost her virginity. She had imagined the honeymoon. She had imagined stepping out of a wedding gown, she had imagined giving her innocence to a man she said “I do” to earlier at the altar. Dreams shattered and now a vagabond who reeks of alcohol had just torn off her skirt and stuck it in her mouth. No, not like this, not by him, this isn’t happening. She starts fighting again. He struggles to tears off her tights. A chilly wind runs on her exposed thighs. She can feel the edge of the last piece of clothing between them dig into her skin as he gives it a tug. She gives it everything she’s got. She swings her legs wildly and one does catch him in the stomach. Her arms are free. She attempts an escape. Quickly she frees her mouth and screams lurching herself forward to run…

Read on to part 2

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