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My love
Let me write you a poem
With the blood from the scars you gave me
Let me sing you a song
With the voice you tried to silent
Let me love you again
With the heart you broke in tandem
With the lies you told
With the smiles I thought were for my eyes only
With the tongue I thought were for my lips alone
Let me take you away
To the place we go in our heads when we get high
On the toxic fumes that came from our coming together
Let me hold your hand
Feel the cold touch of my dead heart
The last embers dying when you played your siren song
Lured me into your lair; feasted on my hopes & dreams
Let me dance to the tune of your laughter
As you led me into the shadow of my death
Let me feel again
With the warmth that turned out to be the belly of my tomb

They say ours is a love forbidden
But I think it’s desire unbidden
Kiss me like a taboo
Your rebellious heart takes mine & a switcheroo
Do you want to feel?, he said
Do you want to die?, he asked
I answered with lips parted
And hips writhing in lustful abandon
Play me song, I plead
Let it lead me to the belly of the beast
I follow the cursed notes, the whisper of my forbidden lover
Come closer, closer, my love
He dances to the tune of my breaking heart
His laughter carried away on the winds of his fickle promise
Still, I fall
Down, down to the unending hollow
Screams turned to moans of pleasure
‘Give me back my pain’, I say
‘Now that’s a good girl’, he cheers

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