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Love & All It Brings

I’m here now my love
I’m here now, my dove
Can you fix me?
Love conquers all, they said
Can it conquer my demons?
I’m here now, my sun
You’re my only link to sanity
Bring me clarity
So I’ll know better than to slash
My wrists, and watch the blood flow, flow from the gash
Maybe I can drown my worries in that small pool of my essence
Maybe the last thing my eyes will see will be my demons in the final cadence
Can you recognize the pain in my eyes?
Is that how you saw the truth in my lies?
You said I wear my darkness like a cloak
You’re wrong; I am my darkness & my darkness is me
It flows as the dark blood in my vein
As the dark thoughts cycling in my brain
I’m here now, my liege
All you have to do is fix me


Comfort Ihueze

An amateur writer who loves the arts and hopes to let people into her mind through her written words.

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