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It’s Time To Win With Lotto 27

Lotto 27, a new lottery company in Nigeria is set to enter the scene.

The Lotto27 Company has briefed that it intends to augment efforts against housing deficits in its DreamHouse game by giving out homes as lottery prices. The entrance fee for the DreamHouse lottery is set at an exciting 500 naira only. The DreamHouse draws are to run for every 2 months with a chance to win houses in Lagos state.

Lotto 27 also advertises four other casino games like Cruise, Pick 4, Ability, and Thrill on their lotto27.com website.

Cruise is one of the biggest instant jackpot games in Nigeria where you pick 6 numbers from 1 – 48 and stand a chance to win ₦500,000 with just ₦50.

The Pick 4 game gives you a jackpot of ₦100,000 when you pick 4 correct numbers from 0 – 9.

The Ability game is a guaranteed prize pool. You have 9 players taking a chance to win a prize in an incremental draw. The game keeps playing round after round till there is a winner of the pool prize.

The Thrill game gives you a chance to win ₦25,000 when you match 5 balls from 1 – 15. The entry bet for this game is ₦50.

The Lotto27 website offers exciting games as the pool gives you a smaller range of numbers for a better chance to win. We do have our eyes set on the DreamHouse draws and hope to win one with our mighty ₦500.

What would you do if you won your dream house with just ₦500? Go over to www.lotto27.com today and take a chance.

This post was brought to you by Lotto27.com. Play small, Win Big.

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