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Hello world!

Welcome to Tales ‘n’ Trends. It’s been an exciting journey leading up to this moment, and it’s a pleasure that you have joined us. Our motto for 2018 is #WeMustBlowIn2018.

Without further ado, WHY ARE WE HERE?

1. To make sure you are never bored. Have you had a boring day? Would you love some wonderful content to keep you busy? Then we always have the juiciest stories to tell you. No, we don’t do gossips. Why? Picture this… So Rihanna was pictured in Jay-Z’s car, supposedly leaning in to kiss her in that “best of both worlds” moment. A picture that he didn’t know was taken, but somehow got to the net. What your favourite gossip blog didn’t know however was that Rihanna’s car broke down at an event Jay-Z and Rihanna both attended. Jay-Z gave her a lift home. During the ride, his driver hit a speed bump. Jay’s cigar fell out of his fingers unto Rihanna’s fur coat. That was not Riri going for a hug, it was her throwing her hands in panic and Jay was trying to get the cigar from her coat before it goes ablaze. The lipstick stain on Jay’s collar? Well, we can’t explain everything, can we? So our point is, if we don’t have the facts, we don’t post. And if it is a made-up story, we would be sure to label it as fiction, just like the scenario we painted to prove a point we could have stated in a 10-word sentence.

2. Give you the platform to chase that dream or simply be heard. So many times we apply for jobs as writers and they ask you the pertinent question; “do you have a portfolio”. Of course, but they need a link to it. So the folder of your most brilliant write-up won’t get to their desk. Well, with us, you can send in your story to be posted (juice and sauce test must be passed), and we would give you full credit for the work as a contributor on talesntrends.com and you can use the link to your story as a legitimate portfolio. Sounds great right? Or perhaps you are a weekend writer and want to give someone a sneak peak of your life. You know, those juicy diary entries you wished someone would read and comment on while you stayed anonymous? Bring it right here, we support the weird, creepy and crazy. Check for links on our contact page.

Now that we are done with introductions, let’s have some fun.

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