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This isn’t where we tell tales. We know why you are here, so we are getting straight to it. Getting our verification mark is pretty easy, well, if you are a great writer with an excellent understanding of our publishing tools. Our verification mark unlike other websites is first and most importantly, a quality assurance tool and then an identification tool. Here is how we know you should be a verified author.

  1. You write really interesting stories.
  2. You write error free stories; this is important since our verified authors get to post directly to the public feed without running it through the editor first.
  3. You achieve a lot of engagement on your stories; this means you are passionate about your work and our platform, and have gone the extra step of sharing your stories to friends and other readers.
  4. You understand our publishing tools, adhering to image upload guidelines, keyword and SEO settings, proper tags and category selections, and other publishing requirements.
  5. We see that you are at risk of being impersonated. Writers who have made a name for themselves and are now at risk of being targeted by identity thieves after satisfying all above, are verified. Please note that we do not verify celebrities who have no inclination to writing or publishing. In simple English, your favorite rapper might not be verified if he doesn’t know how to write great stories.
  6. Please note that we can only properly evaluate stories in English, so when you request verification as a writer in another language, it might take longer.

If you feel you have satisfied all the above and haven’t been verified, please send your request to thanedee@talesntrends.com

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