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Echoes From Within


A lover’s song
An afterthought
An echo in the dark
A silent prayer
All from a broken heart
All that matters is my pain
The blood I squeeze from my bleeding heart
The tears I sprung from my tired eyes
The hopes that died on the lips of my beloved
Tell me
Why does it hurt more than before?
Is it because I fanned the embers of a promise?
Or tried to awaken the beast that was consumed with hunger?
Hunger of a love sworn
Hunger of a happy heart & peaceful soul
Close your eyes & enter the darkness
The place where all is bland
Nothing promised
Nothing lost
Lips sealed
Heart begone

I’m a lost soul
Tortured mind, single heart
Cold body, fickle bones
Numb skin, hopeful eyes
You look to me for direction
‘Show me the hidden, Princess’
The one eyed blind man shined a light into my insides
Lit me up but the flame died
‘Not enough heat’, they said
‘Too cold for comfort’
Find the fire that burns without oil but with the passion of a loved soul
Fanned by the gasps of two mouths joined at the tongue
Lift me up, let me feel the warm breeze from between your crevice
Let me feel
I cower at your piercing gaze
Pls love me & light my flame
‘Not enough heat’, I said
Numb skin, hopeless eyes
Cold lips, dreadful life

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